60 m and Low Level Transverter Interface (K60XV)

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60 m and Low Level Transverter Interface (K60XV)

William Lagerberg

Hi list,

I do have an K2 transceiver, and i love it build it for 90% by my self and it works ok.
After getting the DSP print last month, the last thing i am looking for is an (i would like still to be build) K60XV.

The adventage is not only 60 meters but also the transverter in/output.

Is there somebody who does not need it anymore, or think’s that William is such a nice guy he can have it, i would like that very much.

I live in Holland, so that good be a small issue but the package is not big. so it good go in a big envelop.

Regards William PE1BSB

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