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80 Transmit on KX1

Bill Trettin
That did it, Don. I was making it out to be more complicated than it was. I
reflowed both ends of both red windings on L1 and L2 and everything works
great on 80 receive and transmit now.  Thanks!






Don Wilhelm wrote:




>My bet would be on a poorly tinned toroid lead either on L1 or L2 on the
LPF board.

>The red winding is only used on 80 meters, and the relay shorts out the red
winding on the other bands.

>Look very carefully at the back of the LPF board - if you see any trace of
red enamel, that is the problem.


>Another check is to see if you have continuity between the BNC jack center
and where the green wire of L1 >connects to the board.  You will have to
check with power on and the KX1 set to 80 meters since the relay on >the LPF
board is not a latching type.



>Don W3FPR


>Bill Trettin wrote:

>> I installed the KXB3080 option in my KX1 a couple months ago and

>> everything checked out OK after completion, including output on 80




>> Now however, I am getting no output at all on 80 meters.   I am still


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