Availability of KX3 100 watt Amp and ATU

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Availability of KX3 100 watt Amp and ATU

I am now 5 days from order of my KX3 but have not yet been able to relax into the long haul!

Thanks to all for the answers on 60 meter operation. I found the second on Channel Hopping.

Now, here is question on the the 100 watt amp and ATU. I can't find way to order or to get on a wait list. I am also wondering if the internal 20 watt atu with have to be removed to use the 100 watt one? Will the 100 watt ATU be internal to the amp?

I am also wondering how the two units will  attach or not? Also, maybe, I will just buy the 500 watt amp and ATU which I believe should be driven to 300 watts or so by the KX3 running 10 watts ( plus?) with 13.8 volts. Note to myself to find out what is max and max recommended input voltage.

Well I know that is a lot to think about and ask so please ignore me if these questions have been answered ad nauseam.

73 John NS5Z

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