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Buying from the UK

First, yes I have searched the archives and haven't seen anything recent on this, sorry If I've missed relevant posts.

Previously, I have always bought direct from Elecraft, but that was because W&S weren't selling Elecraft kit in the UK.  I am looking at buying a kit KX3 with a few modules.  What are the pros/cons of US/UK purchase?

Looks to me as though US purchase means I have to pay VAT on import and it takes time, but overall cost is down (about £200).  Has anyone managed to get a discount from W&S to bring the purchase in line with the US price+postage?  QRP Project seems to be a bit cheaper than W&S, but still nowhere near the direct Elecraft price.

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Re: Buying from the UK

Tim Heasman
I have bought all my Elecraft kits direct, except for the 500 Watt power
amplifier.  The package was so heavy due to the transformer that the
carriage from the U.S. was so much, that it more ore less wiped out the
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