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Cable for HL 1.5kfx

Dale and all,
I just made a cable for the 1.5kfx. I had found that the Yeasu plug pinout is not listed or shown in the linear manual that you download so I opened up the linear and traced the circuit in order to make up the cable. In looking through the linear manual that came in the linear package there was a page added that provided information on all the interface sockets on the back of the linear.

I was going to modify the provided Yeasu cable but it is only about 2.5 feet long so I used an old RS232 cable that was shielded. The needed connector that plugs into the back of the linear is easily removed from the original cable and can be reused in the new cable. You will need to get a Mini DB=15 male connector and shell to connect to the K3.

For the ALC connection I took an old phono cable with RCA Connectors, cut off one end and connected it to the K3 plug along with the band decoding cable.
Hope this information is helpful.

If you need the pinout information you can fine it in both the K3 and linear's manual (last page).

For the Yaesu connector going clockwise from the connector key (looking at the connector from the rear panel of the linear, pin 1, band 0, pin 2, Band 1, Pin 3 band 2, Pin 4 band 3, Pin 5, ground.

Dave KD1NA

>Is there anyone on the list that has made up the interface cable from the K3
>RS-232 to the SPE's DB-15 connector? If so, pin out?

>Dale W4OP

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