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Desoldering with ChipQuik OT

Fred Townsend-2
There has been much discussion of desoldering techniques. Many express their praise of various desoldering/soldering machines. However machines have many negatives starting with the need for a high degree of skill and expense. In short they are not practical for the once a year project builder.
ChipQuik is a good tool for the occasional builder. It's cheap in the sense you don't have an expensive tool sitting on your shelf just drawing dust. Also in terms of temperature extremes it's easier on the de-soldered part.
The big negative for many is ChipQuik is it is not intuitive (at first). Its use also needs companion tools such as a solder sucker or SolderWic(k), also inexpensive tools, and of course a soldering iron. As the saying goes one picture is worth a thousand words so see the video.

The YouTube link below is one of the better tutorials. (Forgive the VK accent)

If you want to buy the stuff let your fingers thumb through the Internet. You might be able to get a free sample. Disclaimer: I make no vendor endorsements nor do I have any fiduciary interests in the product.
Fred, AE6QL

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