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Good Evening,

    It has been a very wet week.  Today it varies between constant rain
and when the sound level drops I know it's snowing.  Today I am right at
snow line but by midweek it will drop a few hundred feet.

    According to https://spaceweather.com 2020 has had only one spotless
day.  A series of small cycle 25 spots have been moving across the sun. 
No real sunspot groups but it is a change. Another few months and maybe
we'll be able to see larger spots more often.  Patience is necessary.

   Don't hold your breath but Betelgeuse may nova one of these days.  It
has been 'fainting' lately with a magnitude down to +1.12.  A supernova
only 350 light years away will be pretty spectacular.

Please join us tomorrow on:

14050 kHz at 2200z Sunday  (2 PM PST Sunday)
  7047 kHz at 0000z Monday  (4 PM PST Sunday)


    Kevin. KD5ONS


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