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Elecraft CW Net Announcement

Good Evening,

    Our latest sunspot is passing over the limb of the sun. Hopefully it
will soon be replaced by more of them.  We are moving out of a minor
stream of solar wind.  Maybe that means 20 meters will be more quiet. 
The days have gotten noticeably longer which is effecting the forty
meter net.  Currently the sun sets during the net so propagation changes
rapidly.  I do take calls before the net, I just don't CQ for them
then.  QRP and slower ops try me then too.  I'm normally getting settled
in by about 7 minutes to the hour.  There will also be some competition
for attention due to a game in Florida.  This will show me where your
priorities lie ;)

Please join us tomorrow on:

14050 kHz at 2200z Sunday  (2 PM PST Sunday)
  7047 kHz at 0000z Monday  (4 PM PST Sunday)


    Kevin. KD5ONS


And when all the programs on all the channels actually were made by
actors with cleft-palettes, speaking lines by dyslexic writers, filmed
by blind cameramen, instead of merely seeming like that, it somehow made
the whole thing more worthwhile.

          - HHGTTG  Fit the 11th  January 24, 1980

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