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Good Evening,

    We had a burst of solar wind this week.  That should help the
ionosphere.  The auroral oval was strong this morning, it is less so
now.  I expect some QSB for tomorrow due to the wind but it shouldn't be

    There are a few flowers at lower elevations.  I uncovered some
daffodil shoots while moving wood.  That one tree has heated the house
all winter and should last another month.  I have some packages held up
in shipping somewhere between the Mississippi and the Rockies.  Stuck
for three days.  It must be quite a storm.

Please join us tomorrow on:

14050 kHz at 2200z Sunday  (2 PM PST Sunday)
  7047 kHz at 0000z Monday  (4 PM PST Sunday)


    Kevin. KD5ONS


You know not even the coastal villages was safe from
them big clams. You know them big clams had an inland
range of about 15 miles. Think of that. I mean our
early pioneers and the settlers built little houses
all up and down the coast you know. A little inland
and stuff like that And they didn't have houses like
we got now, with bathrooms and stuff. They built little
privies out back. And late at night, maybe a kid would
have to go, and he'd go stomping out there in the
moonlight. And all they'd hear for miles around...
/[loud clap/belch]/....one less kid for America. One more
smiling, smurking, humungus giant clam.

     - Arlo

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