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Elecraft CW Net Report

Good Evening,

    Signals were fair to OK on twenty meters.  Steve had fast QSB but
noise was low.  Forty meters changed from the first minute onward. 
Signals were strong but everyone faded with time.

   Some signs of spring but only those to the south had flowers. There
are pockets of snow here in the shade.  I had lots of traffic today. 
About a dozen motorcycles came through, testing the mud.  Plenty of clay
mixed in so they have a slippery challenge.

   John did mention ice and wind.  Perfect antenna eating weather.  Days
are getting longer, I expect 40 meters to keep improving.  We were done
before dusk today so I did not lose anyone in the middle of a contact.

   On 14050.5 kHz at 2200z:

W0CZ - Ken - ND

NO8V - John - MI

K6XK - Roy - IA

K4JPN - Steve - GA

   On 7047.5 kHz at 0000z:

W0CZ - Ken - ND

KG7V - Marv - WA

WM5F - Dwight - ID

K0DTJ - Brian - CA

K6PJV - Dale - CA

AE6C - Denny - CA

Until next week 73,

    Kevin.  KD5ONS


// rotate sphere 90 degrees up
     Rot = matGen(0.0, 0.0, 90.0);
     for (int i=0; i<scn->object[scn->objects].faces; i++)
         for (int j=0; j<scn->object[scn->objects].face[i].vertices; j++)
             scn->object[scn->objects].face[i].vertex[j] =         //
move vertex to center
             scn->object[scn->objects].face[i].vertex[j] =         //
rotate  vertex around center
             matTvec( Rot, scn->object[scn->objects].face[i].vertex[j] );
             scn->object[scn->objects].face[i].vertex[j] =         //
return vertex to where it was


    buoy = mass( ambient, ptr->getRadius() )
                - mass( ptr->getTemp(), ptr->getRadius() );
    ptr->setX( ptr->getX() + ptr->getVX()*t );
    ptr->setY( ptr->getY() + ptr->getVY()*t - buoy*g*t*t + g*t*t );

    ptr->display( ptr->getColor() );

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