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I note that Harry went from Elecraft to Japanese radios, Flex and Anan.  I presume he means the Flex M radios and the newly released Mk 2 Anan which do have knobs while the predecessors do not.

I thought about my recent usage of my K3.  After pressing the power button, I set the output power to drive my alpha amp, and while operating adjusted the audio level control and infrequently the audio passband filter, turned on XIT 20 Hz low when pouncing or used RIT when running, rarely touched high and low cut, and used the VFO.  Using N1MM I am able to tune the radio, change bands, adjust the keyer speed, clear the RIT and toggle it on and off, and even spot tune a CW signal.

I like the organization of the knobs and buttons that it does have.  Those that are dual function do not confuse me at all.  I do not find the buttons too small and they are definitely not too cluttered.   I operate portable a lot in the summer.   The compact size and light weight are a plus.  I am older than Rick T.

You commented about the 6700’s place on the Sherwood tables.  Yes, it is in second place for 2 KHz offset dynamic range, but not for 20 KHz offset.  Oh, did you read footnote “y” ?

Watsonville, I am ready to play K4 music.

Bob R – N7WY

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