First QSO with KX1 #2411

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First QSO with KX1 #2411

stan levandowski
Hello again fellow listers.  I'm the guy who wondered whether an
inventory was important a couple weeks ago.

Well...yes it was!  It made my "warm up" project, KX1 #2411, go very
smoothly with no errors and no desoldering.

I just had my first QSO, running on six "AA" alkaline cells and hooked
up to my 40 meter dipole up in my attic. I had the KX1 hooked up to my
switch-mode power supply but had forgotten to turn it on!!  Thus the
battery contact....   Worked KN4ZQ in Palmyra, VA with a 229.  That's a
good enough signal report for what must have been only one watt or so
and so-so band condx this morning.  I still have to build and install
the autotuner and KX3080.  On 7.022 my dipole's SWR was around 2:1
according to my MFJ259.

Now I'm really looking forward to building the K2!

Oh yes, the inventory...I did a complete inventory.  I punched holes in
a few sheets of heavy cardstock and put them into a large three ring
binder.  Then, as I inventoried each part, I Scotch taped it to the
cardstock and wrote its ID next to it.  I organized it according to
capacitors, resistors, inductors, and so forth.  For the components that
did not easily lend themselves to taping I put them into a muffin tin.
The ESD-sensitive stuff I kept in the appropriate packaging.  As I
built, I double checked each component's value with my Fluke DMM.  I
used the Toroid Guy's coils and that really was a worthwhile investment
of a few bucks.  I have them for the K2 also.

The instructions were excellent with the same kind of attention to
detail that I remember from Heathkit.  I was skeptical that all those
controls would line up and fit in the case and that the battery
clearance would work out.  No problem!

Gotta go build some more now.....bye.

Stan WB2LQF, Fishkill, NY

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