For Sale: K3s/P3 combo

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For Sale: K3s/P3 combo

Loaded Elecraft K3S 100W transceiver with sub-receiver and well equipped
with filters for contesting, DXing and just fun.
Note that the general coverage option permits 2200m and 630m as well.
Since the 250Hz filters are actually around 370Hz I have them cut in at
350Hz and use them as my default filters for CW and RTTY.
The 2.1Khz filter in the main helps in SSB contesting when the band is
The 200 filters are often used on 160m to hear the faint DX or in contests
to hear DX in the presence of nearby domestic stations.
I got matched filters where needed to allow for diversity reception but
never had antennas sufficient to try it.

P3 with SVGA option. This is like cheating in DX pileups!

I'm the original owner for each and they've been well kept in a non-smoking
environment. Both operating flawlessly.

K3S-K S/N 10122 with all standard equipment plus installed options:
KPA3A 100W power amp
KAT3A Antenna tuner
KRX3A Sub receiver
KBPF3A General coverage RX filter module
KTCXO3-1 TCXO 1 ppm f/w correction for 0.5 ppm
K3EXREF Ext 10Mhz ref input
KDVR3 Digital voice recorder
KFL3A-2.7K 5 pole in Main RX
KFL3A-2.7K 5 pole matched to main in Sub RX
KFL3A-2.1K in Main RX
KFL3A-250hz 8 pole in Main RX
KFL3A-250hz 8 pole in Sub RX
KFL3A 200hz 5 pole in Main RX
KFL3A 200hz 5 pole matched to main in Sub RX
KFL3B-FM 13Khz filter Main RX

P3-F Panadater S/N 1811: Installed options
P3SVGA P3 SVGA Adapter

Power cables for K3s and P3
Coax to connect K3S and P3
Control cables to connect K3S and P3

I prefer to sell as a combo but will consider offers for separates.

Asking price for the combo $4300 shipped. Paypal OK as well as check.

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