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Interesting that  +/- specs

I CCd to the Elecraft list for any comments My K3 is spot on
with little if any drift

I know there are a numbers of KX3 out on Bata testing dont know if
frequency stability
or accuracy has been noted ?? I look forward to getting one but probably
not for use as
a platform for transceivers,,, I like my K3


I've been watching this thread for a while now, and I must make some

The KX3 looks interesting until you examine the specs regarding frequency
stability. From the factory it's spec'd at +/- 5ppm, and with careful
can achieve +/- 1ppm. Now keep in mind there is no provision for an
reference input, (not good). So at 10GHz, using the standard radio,
adjusted for +/- 1ppm, if you have a KX3 at each end, then you both are
off frequency +/- 10KHz. You could be off by as much as 20KHz from each
In any mode of operation, that is a significant frequency
error, and makes long haul communications a challenge. Why would you want
to do that? Cost? Considering the cost of the KX3 vs a Flex 1500, which
have an external 10MHz reference input, in my mind the choice is clear.

With regard to the Winrad option, to me that is only half of a solution.
If you are
going to go SDR, then the transmitter section should be included.

With the availability of Rubidium standards these days like the LPRO-101,
SDR approach should have an external reference input, and all
should be external referenced as well. It cracks me up to consider that
SDR approaches use an external reference for the main SDR radio, but the
transverters do not. Yiks, what's the point of using an external
reference at
all in those cases.

Just my thoughts. Let the flames begin.

Jerry Mulchin - N7EME

At 12:57 PM 3/17/2012, [hidden email] wrote:
>Hi Ed......tnx fer ur input es also on new KX3 rig which looks so very  
>tempting the plastic almost leaps from my wallet, Hi!!!......73, John
W3HMS, 3  
>17 12
>In a message dated 3/17/2012 2:47:20 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
>[hidden email] writes:
>Jeff has  a very valid observation and one has to wonder why, when so
>of us also do  eme.  JT-65 is now the standard for 6m and 2m eme (and
>probably on  222).  It is less used for 432 and 1296 but there is some
use of JT65
>on  eme there.  Above that on eme JT65 seems to have trouble with
>issues with moon echoes.  But for VHF thru mw terrestrial it would seem
>natural for extending weak-signal activity.
>OK I get it about hauling  extra equipment.  But surely some of you use
>spectrum programs on mw when  portable?
>Second item I want to bring up is a new SDR that is just now  started
>delivery to hams who made advanced orders.  I'm referring to the  new
>KX3 (160-6m) 10w direct-conversion SDR.  There will be  shortly an
offering of
>a 144/50 embedded transverter making the radio perfect  as an IF for mw.
>am so sure of that I sold my FT-817 and waiting  delivery of a new KX3.
>am also listed as a beta-tester of the KX3-2M  transverter, so will have

>some news on it not too far off.
>_ (http://www.elecraft.com/KX3/kx3.htm) The foot print  of the KX3 is
>the same as the FT-817 with a control panel that resembles  the K3
>1.5 lb.).  It does not require a computer for normal modes  including
>RTTYand psk-31.  Fully QSK on CW.  RX only draws  150ma.  JT65 will
still require
>a small interface cable and computer to  run.
>A real plus for those interested in LF is that the KX3 operates  down to

>310-KHz so will operate in the new 600 meter ham band.  I am not
>with Elecraft in any manner so just my personal  observations.
>73, Ed
>At 09:11 AM 3/17/2012, Jeffrey Pawlan  wrote:
>I have tried JT65 during the Fall  contest for more than 7 years. It
>They only problems were the setup  time for all of my equipment while
>roving, and also very little cooperation  from other contest
participants to join
>me on this mode. I brought up this  topic for discussion at several
>meetings of the 50MHz and Up Group of N  Calif. and the usual response
is that I am
>usually the only member willing  to run a laptop with my radio. That is
>also why I have not been able to  convince others here to use a SDR and
>Jeffrey  Pawlan   WA6KBL
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