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Good morning,

Well I just finished hanging my new G5RV yesterday and I have already had some impressive results when comparing my long wire to the G5RV.  After I first connected the antenna to my K2 (7109 ) I thought something was wrong.  Then I figured out the I'm not hearing the noise that the long wire antenna picked up.  I was working a net on 80 meters this morning and when switching back and forth between the long wire and the G5RV.  I could not pick up the net on the long wire but with the G5RV I could.  I don't know if my abilities in being able to receive translates to a a better radiated signal but I don't see how it can't.

The S meter reading on the long wire this morning ( 80m) was S9+10 and the G5RV noise level was an S4 so I am picking up signals I was missing before.

Anyhow I'm stretching the limits of the home owners association with the wires hanging from the trees but it's pretty stealthy and since I'm on 3 acres I don't think anybody cares.