How accurate is Supply Voltage display (PS)

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How accurate is Supply Voltage display (PS)

Hello, I would like to know how accurate is the display of PS value. I suspect it always shows lower value by about 0.2 to 0.3 V. For instance, when I use Li-Po accupack 3S1P 3300 mAh that normally gives 35C, i.e. some 100 A (therefore I think it has no problem with internal resistance at low currents up to 5 A).

When KX3 takes 168 mA and I measure 12.26 V on the battery, KX3 shows 12.0 V. Then I turn on speaker and preamp and increase consumption to 250 - 300 mA (i.e. almost double), but I still measure the same voltages, i.e. the difference is not caused by power supply cable.

Is some calibration possible? Or did I miss something (a schottky diode in KX3 prehaps)?

73 Jindra