Internal AAA batteries for KX1

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Internal AAA batteries for KX1

Michael Babineau-2
I just thought that I would mention that 4  X  2 AAA battery holders will fit into the space
on the bottom of the KX1 normally occupied by 2 X 3 AA holders. The fit is a little
tight but it is ok.  The advantage is a bit higher power out than with 6 AAs while
running on internal batteries. Since the cost of AAA Lithium cells is crazy
I am using 1000 mAh AAA NiMH cells and this gives me enough power for
an afternoon outing without having to carry an external battery pack.

Rather than cannibalize my existing KX1 case bottom I kept it as is so that
I can still opt to go with AA cells. I ordered a spare case bottom and power
connector from Elecraft and picked up the AAA holders locally.

If anyone is really interested in this drop me a note and I can provide more

Michael VE3WMB

P.S. On my last outing I was able to operate for 2+ hours before I noticed any drop
in output power (I was getting 4+ watts  out) and that was while operating portable
in 5 degree C weather.
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