K-Pod Firmware 1.09 & Utility now available

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K-Pod Firmware 1.09 & Utility now available

Production version 1.09 of K-Pod firmware is now available.   We are also releasing the K-Pod Utility (Windows, OSX, Linux) which is used to program your K-Pod.  Like all other Elecraft products, the Utility will automatically download the latest version of firmware.   Please BE SURE TO READ the K-Pod manual before attempting to download firmware.

We're also releasing rev.D of the K-Pod manual.  In it you will find information on how to write macros on the K3 that control the LEDs and outputs on the K-Pod.   For developers, this release also includes the K-Pod USB API spec.  This document explains the USB HID interface command set and report formats.  For more information:

K-Pod Firmware Page: http://www.elecraft.com/k-pod/kpod_software.htm
K-Pod Manual rev.D: http://www.elecraft.com/K2_Manual_Download_Page.htm#kpod
K-Pod USB API: http://www.elecraft.com/manual/kpod_usb_spec.pdf

1.09 Release Notes:

1.09 10/18/2016
Changes encoder operation to allow the K-Pod to buffer encoder counts to the K3.  This helps the K3 and K-Pod remain in sync.
Adds a power-on feature: if the F3 button is held during power up the K-Pod encoder uses a divide by 4 scaling factor.
Adds configuration command to K-Pod USB interface.