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K2 AGC application note (mod)

Bruce Beford-2
I don't recall seeing this mentioned. Perhaps overlooked amongst the hoopla
about the impending P3, and the latest K3 firmware and mods. Elecraft
released an application note for the K2 on August 10th. I don't remember
seeing this before, but it has a copyright date of 2008, and a rev A release
date of Aug 10, 2009. It describes a very simple one resistor modification
that makes it possible to set the AGC voltage to the recommended 3.80 volts.
Many rigs have trouble getting to this voltage due to normal variations in
the 8 volt regulators.

This application note (mod) can be found on the Elecraft website, on the
Builders Resources page. Second item down in the right hand column.

I just completed this mod to K2 s/n 4444. It was very easy, and made it
possible to set my AGC voltage to exactly 3.80v. I think the closest I was
ever able to get was 3.65 or so.

Today was Elecraft mod day here. I completed the two latest mods for the K3,
and this one on the K2. A productive hour at the bench.

73 all,
Bruce N1RX

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