[K2] Error in KIO2 Programmers Reference?

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[K2] Error in KIO2 Programmers Reference?

Brian - N5BCN
I'm referring to KIO2 Pgrms Ref Rev E.

On Page 10, Table 5 "SW command values for menu entry selection," I believe command values for "inp" (keyer input) and "rpt" (message repeat) are reversed in the table.

I've written a script to allow changing the keyer input by a single click of a macro.  However, when I use the command value of 41 for "inp" it triggers the "rpt" command whose command value is 42.  Executing command value of 42 appears to trigger "inp", so I think the values are reversed in the manual's table.

Can anyone else verify this?

73 Brian N5BCN