K2 Shuts Down Immediately after Turning Power Switch On

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K2 Shuts Down Immediately after Turning Power Switch On

Michael Eberle
I hooked up my K2 this morning and everything seemed to be working
fine.  I have the K2/10 with the KAT2 in one box.  I built the KAT100
and KPA100 in the EC2 enclosure.  With the K2/10 connected to the
KPA100/KAT100, I hooked up an antenna and initiated a TUNE on 40
meters.  It started tuning and in the middle of the tune, everything
shut down as if I had turned the power swtich off.  I tuned the power
switch off and back on again and now it will only power up for about a
second and immediately shut down again.  I disconnected the K2 from the
KPA/KAT box and with nothing connected but power to the K2/10 it still
does the same thing.

I disassembled it and checked Q7 and Q8 which do not appear to be
shorted.  The collector voltage on both initially reads 10.8 volts at
power up until it shuts down and then drops to about 0.8 volts.  The
base voltage on both of them is at about 0.55 volts.

Where should I go from here?


Mike - KI0HA

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