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Randy Heise
Hi Gang

Life has pulled me away from ham radio and will continue to do that for
the next few years. My K2 #1580 does not deserve to sit and gather dust.
#1580 is equipped as follows:
KSB2 - SSB Module
K160RX - 160 meters plus extra receive antenna
KNB2 - Noise Blanker
KAF2 (Un-built in Package) - Audio Filter/Clock
KIO2 - Rig Control I/O
KAT2 - Internal Antenna Tuner
KBT2 - Internal Battery
Kenwood MC43S Mic

Price is $750 plus shipping ... pictures the unit as well additional
information on the K2 and my other QPP gear for sale may be seen at
Please e-mail me off-list at [hidden email] with any

I'll miss it, but I'll be back.
Randy Heise - NB7E

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