K2 with West Mountain Radio M-8 Rigblaster

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K2 with West Mountain Radio M-8 Rigblaster

Hi Folks,

I am still building, actually on the second build of the RF board ;),  
and I am starting to wonder about using the K2 on Digital Modes. I  
currently use a West Mountain Radio M-8 Rigblaster with my ( soon to  
go away) Yaesu FT-897. Does anyone know if I can still use it with the  
K2? It is an older Rigblaster and it has the optional round 8-pin  
connector/RJ-45 Square connector on the other end. I guess the main  
question would be the jumper settings inside the Rigblaster. If anyone  
has any insight I would appreciate it. It would be Nice to not have to  
buy another interface after what I just spent on the K2 ;) Also it  
makes the Wife Happy when I can use my current stuff and not buy More  
stuff ;)

Thanks and 73,

Kevin NZ1I
K2 # 7632
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