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K3 - Audio Drops

Nolan Kienitz
K3 s/n:  9013
MCU:  5.50
DSP:  2.87
FPF:  1.25

KIO3B upgrade installed:  06/09/16

Filters in slots 2-4:  6K, 2.8K, 400, 200

No Subreceiver.

I use the Log4OM application and since the installation of the KIO3B the audio level drops very low when the Log4OM application is shut down. This happens about 75% of the time when operating. I do not recall this happening before I updated the module earlier this summer.

I've used both the USB and the Serial links in testing and I get the same response no matter which communications path I use.

All updates are current in Log4OM and I've updated and tested the OmniRig interface that is preferred to use within Log4OM.

I've worked with Log4OM support and have not yet been able to narrow to a solid reason ... yet.

When the audio drops I can immediately restore the prior level by barely touching/moving either the Shift or Width knobs. Operating the XFIL key also brings the audio back up.

Appears some command is telling the filter to reduce width to 0.

I've done trace and capture of signals between my laptop and the K3 when Log4OM is operating, but there does not appear to be any solid clue with that captured data either. I used USBPCAP and Wireshark to capture/view the USB traffic data.

FWIW, I just sent a support request to K3 Elecraft yesterday so should hear back once they have a chance to digest the data I sent to them.

Thought I would post here just in case someone else may have some off hand suggestions.

73 - Nolan Kienitz, KI5IO

73  -  Nolan Kienitz,  KI5IO
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Re: K3 - Audio Drops

While I never suffered from the "audio drop" issue after shutting down Log4OM, it seems that the new WSJT-X 1.7.0 produces the same effect when it is terminated. My K3 goes absolutely silent. Touching the WIDTH control brings audio back. WSJT-X is widely used, so hopefully there is a chance to find the root cause.

Markus HB9BRJ