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K3 Headset Redux

David Gilbert

Per the discussion a couple of weeks ago regarding lightweight headsets
for the K3, I decided to look for the cheapest one I could find that
would still give good results.  Amazingly, I found a really lightweight
computer headset for $10 at Tiger Direct that has foam covered
earphones, a foam covered electret mic at the end of a nice long boom, a
six foot cord, and the construction seems reasonably robust.  I have my
K3 parameters (mic gain. compression, equalization) set to give good
clean crisp transmit audio for contesting and DXing using the stock
Elecraft MH-2 mic, and I've always gotten excellent on-the-air reports
with it.  Using those exact same settings, the $10 headset reportedly
sounds almost identical to the MH-2 in on-the-air tests with the
possible exception of very slightly less low frequency response, and I'm
certain that could be handled with the equalization.

In case anyone is interested ...

Dave   AB7E


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