[K3] K3EXREF not working

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[K3] K3EXREF not working

Steve Lund
I just noticed that my K3 frequency is approximately 50 Hz off.

I have the K3EXREF installed and the external 10 MHz is supplying +10 dBm
to the rear panel connector. The 10 MHz appears to be 3 Hz low according to
my counter and spectrum analyzer. Is this too much?

One recent change is that I installed the K3SYN3A a few months ago. I
didn't check to see if the K3EXREF was locking to the external reference.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

Steve, K6UM
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Re: [K3] K3EXREF not working

Sverre Holm (LA3ZA)
I have photos of the K3's display as it is locked to an external 10 MHz reference on my blog site (as images 2 and 3). Perhaps that could be of some help in troubleshooting the K3EXREF. See
Sverre, LA3ZA

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