K3 - LP-PAN and LP-Bridge, CW Skimmer and PowerSDR

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K3 - LP-PAN and LP-Bridge, CW Skimmer and PowerSDR

Don Rasmussen
I've added some content after playing with PowerSDR
IF, etc. this weekend. It tunes the K3 with the mouse
scroll wheel just like Kachina or SDR1000. Click on
the real time panadapter display and instantly QSY

Once you find your spot, operate CW there with the
full power of K3's QSK - no latency. Not enough
characters displaying on the K3 display in the digital
modes for your fancy? Ham Radio Deluxe DM780 is there
to cater to your every whim, and more.

Very cool. ;-)




Having operated without a bandscope for some time, I
always assumed that when the other fellow faded out on
my QSO it was just the path from my station to his.
But this weekend I saw there were times when the
entire band would bounce to into the gutter, then perk
back up a couple minutes later. The eye's have it. ;-)
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