K3 Program SET of LINE-IN GAIN

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K3 Program SET of LINE-IN GAIN

Ron N9RC
Is there  away to SET LINE-IN gain via external program command?  I will be operating remote and do not see a command to do this.  Thanks.
Ron N9RC
K2 #3601, K3 #1162
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Re: K3 GET/SET command for LINE-IN level?

Dan AE9K
I too am going to work remote and have a need to get/set the LINE IN level
programmatically.  The November 2017 programmers reference still contains no
commands for LINE IN.

Given how it works on the front panel I was expecting the MG (mic gain)
command to return the LINE IN level when in DATA A mode just as the MIC knob
does in DATA A mode. Alas, that's not how the MG command works - it always
returns mic gain without regard to mode.

Is there a way to get/set LINE IN I've overlooked?



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