[K3] SubRx COR issue only in 'Diversty' mode?

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[K3] SubRx COR issue only in 'Diversty' mode?

Jessie Oberreuter-2

      My K3 (#286) just came back from the mothership with new syths and a
SubRx (my first time with a KRX3! Woohoo!) and I'm seeing an odd bit of

  - If I'm running just the main receiver, xtal filter transitions
are smooth and silent as usual.

  - If I'm running dual receive with independent VFOs (linked or
unlinked, but NOT in 'diversity' mode), crystal filter transitions are
independently smooth and silent on both the main and the sub, with the sub
using the AUX antenna or sharing the main antenna.

  - The moment I switch to diversity mode proper, a relay clicks and
the SubRx loses its antenna, as if the Carrier Operated Relay just
activated.  If I then change the filter bandwidth, each time the xtal
filter changes, I get a relay click, and a burst of sound from the SubRx
(like the COR just turned off for a moment), and then another click and
I'm back to no antenna.  Doesn't matter if I select the main or AUX
antenna -- the COR stays engaged so long as I am in diversity mode.

      AFAICT, there's no hardware difference between these states, so my
best guess would be that I have a bit loose in my config data or I've run
into an upgrade/firmware bug.  I've tried toggling SPLIT, toggling RFI
Detect, and trasmitting -- just in case it was something uninitialized --
but the COR stays with me whenever I'm in diversity.  Thoughts?

      BTW, love the new toy!

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