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It's a Sad day  --   for the k3 and me.

I have to sell my K3.  It is 5 weeks old give or take.  I put it on
the air June 10 of this year.  Serial number is 0997 so it is just
under the 1000 mark.

In the short time that I have had this radio I have really developed a
liking for it but health issues which bring with them some major
expenses have caused me to re-evaluate my need for the radio.  I am a
senior on a fixed income and though I was able to pay for the radio I
now have a far more pressing need for the money.

So much for the crying.

If anyone wants to jump the queue and get a K3 without living through
the long wait (5 and a half months in my case) here is your chance.

Mine is the 100-watt version and has the KAT3 Internal ATU with 2nd
Ant. Jack and the KXV3 RX Ant. I/O, IF Output and transverter
interface.  That's it.  No extra filters or other options. The retail
on this from Elecraft will cost you $2489.85.  It cost me $2450 with
taxes and exchange.  I'd like to get that out of it and I will throw
in a headset with boom microphone (not an expensive one but it works
very well) to sweeten the deal.

Email me for my phone number or to make a sked on Skype or on the air
if propagation works out and you can hear it in operation.


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