K3 very bassy XMIT audio (weird problem)

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K3 very bassy XMIT audio (weird problem)

I’m setting up a new K3s and having a very weird problem with the XMIT audio adjustment. The problem exists on both electret (IC Proset) AND a Heil dynamic mike. I properly set and adjusted bias (on or off), preamp (on and off) and low-high settings in the MENU depending on the mike in use.

As soon as I speak and generate audio, the monitored audio sounds VERY bassy. But the instant I readjust either the MIC GAIN or CMP pots even ever so slightly (just nudge them) while speaking, the audio instantly reverts to normal crisp audio and sounds fine and remains that way until and unless I unkey. Then it reverts.

I see (hear) this ONLY when monitoring my audio while setting up. If I record myself using the DVR, changing the MIC/CMP controls mid-transmission does NOT affect the audio characteristics and it sounds quite bassy on playback.

And I did try to adjust the TX equalizer levels to no avail.

Anyone experience this or have any ideas?