K3S Milliwatt Output Level on 630 Meter Band

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K3S Milliwatt Output Level on 630 Meter Band

John Klewer-2
Been in discussions with Elecraft regarding my K3S (110900 and its
performance at 472-is kHz.

My measurements surprised me a bit...I was expecting a bit more output but
my particular K3S will output barely 285 uW (when power set to nominal 1.0
mw) and a max of about .45 mw with power control set wide open.

I understand that gain at this frequency is easy to get to make up for any
shortfall...just wondering what sorts of measured output power others have
seen on their K3?


John, N6AX

ps power measured with HP 437/8482A, HP 3400A RMS voltmeter and o-scope
with very close correlation between the three instruments
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