KPA1500 firmware alpha testers sought

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KPA1500 firmware alpha testers sought

Dick Dievendorff-4
I've made changes to fan speed handling and would like to ask for some
fan-speed fussy volunteers to check out a pending firmware change.  If
you're willing to test, please send me a note.


Here are the change notes since 2.27:


02.32 10/15/2019


*         Bug fix: fan speed was reduced too quickly during cool-down,
caused too-frequent fan speed change

*         Add Tech Mode FAN SPEED DWELL menu item & ^DW command to set the
time fans stay at a given speed after crossing a cool-down temperature

*         Switch to STBY if BAND CHANGE->STBY is enabled and the frequency
(from XCVR or TX count) is below the amp's frequency range

*         Add Tech Mode BOOT BLOCK VERSION menu item and ^BV command to
display the boot block firmware version.. ^BV; response is like ^BV01.06;"


73 de Dick, K6KR









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