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KX-1 Performance

stan levandowski
I consider myself "average" in all respects, so I'll bet I'm not the
only KX-1 owner who has fallen into the trap of underestimating the
capabilities of this little jewel.

Until a couple nights ago, I used my KX-1 like my other QRP rigs, both
commercial and homebrew.  I kept my expectations rather "reasonable" (in
other words, "low") and concentrated on working the louder signals on
the bands.  Did quite well, I might add...

On Saturday, I heard a VERY weak "CQ", really down in the noise.  The
great filtering helped out a lot.  I answered K3HX just for the heck of
it and got a 559 report.

I normally use my KX-1 at home, with a Jetstream power supply for 3+
watts out, and a 40 meter full-sized dipole.  This was the case on
Saturday night... or so I thought...

Seems I forgot to turn on the power supply.  A quick check with the
inline wattmeter showed about 400 milliwatts going out.  The six "AA"
batteries were pretty well run down and had been in the rig since I
built it.

Just wanted to share this for the benefit of any other readers with the
tendency to underestimate the KX-1.

I bought a K2 at the same time I bought the KX1.  I'm having so much fun
with the KX1 that I haven't started building the K2 yet!  It's like
being a new ham again!


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