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KX1 : Cold Weather Performance

Michael Babineau-2

I built my KX1 along with the KXAT1 internal tuner and KXB30 30m module back in 2003.
I have used it a lot for portable operation, especially during the winter months.

I am a member of the QRP Polar Bears Group (http://www.n3epa.org/Pages/PolarBear.htm) ,
and we  do a monthly QRP Field Day-like outing during the winter months.
I never go out of my way to try to keep the rig itself warm, only my external 8X AA battery pack
and I have never had any issues with the rig in cold weather.

This past Saturday I operated for about 2.5 hours with the air temperature at about
3 degrees F and the rig, including the internal tuner, worked perfectly.

It occurred to me that having an LED display rather than an LCD display was a really good
idea, especially for operating in these sorts of conditions and I am sure that Wayne must
have had this in mind when he made this choice. Also the DDS VFO is rock solid regardless
of temperature.  Another big plus is the top-mounted controls, which IMHO are pretty easy to
use even with fairly thick mitts on.

Overall I think that this rig is unsurpassed for this sort of portable operating.

I use a Pelican 1120 Case to store the rig, my KDPD1 paddle. a Pomona BNC to banana jack adaptor,
my earbud headphones and a small laminated "cheat sheet" and I never have to worry about the rig
getting wet or damaged while in transit in my pack.

Michael VE3WMB / VA2NB
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