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KX1 Hard Case?

Chuck Guenther
I've  used Pelican cases to protect my cameras while  X-C skiing,
have taken a number of falls, with no damage to the cameras (or me!).

You can check the archives on appropriate sizes for the KX1.  I never
took mine skiing , but I did find an appropriate size for it that would
fit into
a small daypack.  (Unfortunately, I sold my KX1, case and all, a few years

Chuck  NI0C
K2, K3

Eric, WD6DBM, wrote:

"Can anyone recommend a case for the KX1 that would protect it from an impact?  I'm thinking of taking mine X-C skiing, and it would have to take my body weight falling on it repeatedly probably starting in the parking lot.  

73 Eric WD6DBM"

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