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KX1: Several Operating Questions

Steven Pituch-3
Hi, All,

I have enjoying my new KX1.  This radio is a real sleeper.  I should have
gotten one long ago.


1) Last night I tried to listen to a MARS net just above the 80 meter ham
band.  I found out that I could not get into USB mode on 80 meters, which
was a big dissappointment.  I could get into USB mode on 40, 30 and 20
meters.  Is there a reason for this?


2) The recommended max voltage is 14 Volts.  Is that before the diode or
after it?  The reason I ask is that my BAT function gives a reading of .4 of
a Volt lower than the external battery voltage.  I am using an external 3
cell LI-ion pack with great results, but want to try a 4 cell pack.
However, I fear the Voltage would be too high for the rig.  I would hate to
put in a bunch of switchable diodes in series to limit the voltage when it
may be possible to run with the higher voltage and put the power into the
antenna itstead of heat. Any suggestions?



Steve, W2MY, AAR6CX

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