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My KX1 has been having problems getting a low SWR.  At home I had a long wire strung out the up stairs window getting 1.2:1 to 1.6:1.  I took the same wire with me on a trip and now I cannot get the Antenna Tuner to tune.  I'm getting 9.9:1 on both 20 and 40m.  I'm in Anchorage Alaska and I'm not receiving any signals as well.  There must be some on 40 meters I would think.  

The only difference is that I broke one of the wire connectors from the wire so I tried attaching bare wire to the antenna connector.  

I did a inductor/capacitor relay check using a dummy load on 20 and 40m and this is what I have found:

20m       Watts          SWR            

L0              .6             1.0
L1            1.2             2.1
L2            1.2             9.9
L3              .9             7.9
C0           1.0              9.0
C1            .7               7.3
C2            .6               7.0
C3            .5               5.8
n1            .6               1.0
n2            .5               1.0

40m        Watts          SWR
L0             1.1             1.0
L1             1.0             1.2
L2             1.2             2.1
L3               .9             6.0
C0             1.0             3.2
C1             1.0             3.0
C2             1.0             2.8
C3               .8             3.1
n1               .5             1.0
n2              1.0            1.0

I am away from home and was planning taking the KX1 camping next week.  I have no access to any equipment for the time being so it looks like I may ended up leaving the radio in the car.

Your thoughts would be appreciated!

Ed ke7hga
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