KX3 Aux 2 linear keying hookup

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KX3 Aux 2 linear keying hookup

David Robertson

On the 2.5 mm Aux2 jack connect the ring to your linear's Key input. The
sleeve is ground.  Do not connect anything to the tip as that is a DC
voltage. Make sure the linear's keying voltage and current is low. Old
linears like the Collins and Heathkit SB series employ high keying voltages
and will damage the KX3. Elecraft has not been at all clear about the Aux2
jack on the KX3 manual.  Have fun with your KX3. I am having a ball with
Dave KD1NA

On 8/17/2012 1:05 PM, philippe PARACHEY wrote:

Hello Dear Dave,

 I have read your post on the Juma with KX3, very fine. I just received the
KX3 this morning...

 On the book, the setup to connect an ext amp to KX3 is not very clear...

 Could you tell me how to use the 2,5 mm stéréo jack, tip, ring, sleeve???
to connect a simple relay to the amp.

 My first qso this afternoon was with NA, 10W, too funny. Thanks in advance.

 Best regards,

    73's Philippe F5JWH

 SKCC N° 8069T

 Philippe PARACHEY
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