[KX3] Cooler KXT Aftermarket KX3 Heatsink Upgrade -- Website Grand Opening

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[KX3] Cooler KXT Aftermarket KX3 Heatsink Upgrade -- Website Grand Opening


    I am thrilled to announce that I now have a website that's worthy of my
premier Cooler KXT product line, of aftermarket KX3 heatsinks.  I invite you
to visit and check out my products up close; their superiority is evident!
The URL is http://www.ve7fmn.ca/

    Especially note that the performance of my heatsinks has been
independently verified by my customers, who include:  a Physicist and an
Electrical Engineer.

    Even though this is my site's grand opening, it is still evolving, with
new material being added almost hourly.  So, I invite you to stop by again
soon to see what's new.

--- - - - ---

    My first production run sold out around the end of May and the second
run is currently "in paint".  Painted units will begin shipping next week,
while "Clear Chromate Conversion" undercoated and "raw/unfinished" units are
already shipping from stock.

    I hope to reduce if not completely eliminate the need for backordering
between future production runs.

Cheers & 73,
Fred  VE7FMN
"Simply Better Manufacturing"

P.S.  Grateful thanks to K7ADD, KI4GGX, 5B4AIY, G4GOC, W3FPR, K7PEH, W6ELA,
and others for their contributions to this project.