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Dave Agsten
I received KX3-F, serial number 0298 today. I ordered on the 28th at 1644Z.

I'm posting this to comment on shipping methods for Elecraft products. When I ordered my KPA500 I designated UPS Ground as the preferred shipping method. I received it 7 days after it was shipped by Elecraft. This time I changed my shipping preference to USPS Priority Mail. Elecraft delivered my KX3 to the U.S. Postal service on Friday afternoon, West Coast time, June 1st. I received the package, in Virginia, today, the 4th. I don't live in a large metro area and am somewhat out in the country, serviced by a small Post Office.  I think that was great service by the USPS.

I just wanted to let folks know that Priority Mail is a way to receive your package a few days sooner than via UPS Ground. (at least when it goes from West Coast to the East Coast) It was a few bucks more but no where near the premium you pay for "faster" UPS service.

Dave N8AG
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