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Andy Cunningham-2

Yesterday I posted a plea for anyone with insider-information, particularly
wether the folks at Elecraft will be offering the key (seen in some of the
Video posts by others recently) as an individual item that one might
purchase - albeit at a later date when things at Elecraft are all sorted out
with the KX3 rig and ready for us all to make our respective orders..

I was in particular looking for someone who was at Dayton who may have asked
either Wayne Or Eric the very same question I posted here on the list
yesterday... A ball-park price would have been nice also..

So far, no direct information replies on this from the group or an
individual on the group..

But ! I HAVE to ask..WHY is the heading of my post from yesterday being used
for discussion on other matters ? Can we try PLEASE - to not "hijack" others
post headings on the list, mainly so that others who are looking for a
particular area of interest (i.e Me ..in this case), and such like,.. for
any info on the KX3 External Paddle can do NOT have to wade through many,
many posts in anticipation that there might be something of interest in what
one is looking for\asking..

Only to be faced with subjects that are not directly - or sometimes
otherwise related to the original post Heading ..

Sorry to be a Curmudgeon on this guy's, but for those of us who can't make
Dayton now or at any time in their life, this information if sought & found
ahead of an official release can be valuable - and may be also to others..

I personally are waiting patiently to find out info on availability &
pricing on this particular item...

Carry On Folks..

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