KX3 VFO knob noise, mod to fix

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KX3 VFO knob noise, mod to fix

Hello all, picked up a new KX3 yesterday from my local emporium, slightly annoyed by the awful noise the VFO knob makes rubbing on the felt washer to provide the spin resistance, so I came up with a mod to improve this dramatically.

Find a section of the clear plastic sheet that is used as mobile phone screen protector material, draw round the felt washer on the plastic so you are basically making a new washer the same size. Cut out the washer from the plastic.

Place the felt washer back on the VFO shaft as the build instructions show, place the new plastic washer on top of the felt washer, then re-fit the VFO knob. Adjust to your choice of resistance.

I now have a VFO knob that feels very similar to my other radios and most important, no rubbing noise, its almost silent.