KX3 audio muting during RS232 communications

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KX3 audio muting during RS232 communications

John Pitz

Last night I was trying to use my KX3 with 2M module to decode weather
satellite images.  I have been working at this for a while now with very
limited success.  I am using Gnome predict to find the satellites and
control the radio using rigctld.  I am using xwxtoimg to decode the
sounds coming off the radio.  The antenna is a Quadrifilar Helix
antenna.  Often I will get a very noisy picture, with what appear to be
clouds near the middle and increasing noise toward the top and bottom
edge.  I have the FM deviation as high as it will go in the menu.
Finally last night I was near(life is busy, usually I set it up and get
called away) the radio as a satellite was entering the horizon so I
unplugged the radio from the computer and listened.  I could very
clearly hear the signal, but as the satellite got closer and closer to
over head as shown on gnome predict the audio started muting.  It seemed
to mute as the frequency was being adjusted by gnome predict.  By
default the frequency is adjusted every 1 second.  When I changed it to
every 2 seconds it seemed to get better.  Any idea why this is happening
and is there any sort of workaround?  It doesn't seem to happen until
there is a strong signal.  The software seems to be continuously
adjusting the radio's frequency even well before the satellite comes
into view and the static doesn't mute.  Incidentally, initially I think
squelch was set to a 3, I ended up setting it to 0.

Any ideas?

What is the theoretical maximum deviation for FM this module can do?  Be
helpful for this kind of thing to widen it up more...

Incidentally, the satellites transmit in the vicinity of 137MHz.
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