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John Pitz

I just had an issue with my KX3 and was wondering if anyone else has
seen this error before.

I was using memory location 1 to call CQ on 20M SSB.  While the the
message was playing back I unplugged my headphones and plugged in my
Pioneer steareo so the other occupant of the room, my 4 year old
daughter, could hear if anyone responded.  When I plugged in the the
steareo the KX3 audio stopped and displayyed on the LCD was
err DSX
Even when I unplugged the steareo there was still no audio.  When I
pushed a random button the error message disappeared and the radio
APPEARED to function normally except for no audio.  I power cycled the
radio and everything went back to normal.  Is this normal?  According to
the manual this is a DSP error?  
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