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Derf Mockford
My order for the KX3 assembly kit + paddle, mic, filter and ATU was placed on 3 Jan, order number:  2012 2209-3348-1932.
Shipping email stated that it will be dispatched by Elecraft between 13 and 19 July.
KX3 S.No. 0827 delivered to me in UK by UPS on 20 July.

Aerial = 160ft horizontal wire loop at 25 ft high.
First contact on 21 July, 10 watts SSB on 40m to Hungary.
2nd contact, 10 watts SSB on 20m to Algeria. A new country for me.

Received several 'excellent natural sounding speech' reports on 60m on 22 July.
Mic = MH3. Mic gain = 30. Compression = 20.
Tx equaliser: 50Hz = -16db. 100Hz = -16db. 200Hz = -6db. All others = 0db

To you all at Elecraft, thank you for an excellent radio that does everything in a v small, light package.
Eagerly awaiting the NiMH battery charger PCB.

73,  Derf,  G8ZGK


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