KX3 vs TS-590s - Single Rig?

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KX3 vs TS-590s - Single Rig?

Charlie - K0CKH
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Anyone have both the KX3 and TS-590s that can do an honest side-by-side review?

I will be getting a KX3 very soon.  My initial purpose for the KX3 is for portable use.

I currently have a TS-590s and love it.  Probably the best receiver I've had and easy to operate.
I rarely do contests other than to help others with contacts.

After reading multiple reviews I am wondering if I can completely replace the TS-590s with a KX3 + amp (such as the new KXPA100 we are expecting or perhaps the Ten-Tec amp)?

Other than the QRP vs 100W comparison, what would I miss by replacing the 590s with the KX3?

I know I'd gain a lot such as SDR, I/Q interface, on-board CW, RTTY and PSK31 decode, etc. with the KX3 and perhaps even gain with the KX3 receiver?

My primary concern is with the receiver - the noise floor, sensitivity, selectivity, filtering, etc.  I don't want to give up much, if anything, I currently have in the 590s receiver.

So, honestly, other than the bigger-rig feel, would I regret not having the 590s in the shack (PA issues aside)?  If you've actually operated both, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Charlie   K0CKH