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KXAT1 Operation

Schindele, William
I have successfully built and tested the KX1 with the 30/80 kit, but
I've had quite an issue with the operation of my internal tuner. I
suspected from reading the posts on the reflector that the issues are
generally toroid continuity at soldering points. I carefully removed,
retinned and reinstalled all the toroids. I removed the IC and applied
Stabilant (contact enhancer) and gained the ability to correctly adjust
the null. My current issue is accurate power indication. I get Po.0 or
Po.1. Though I can register almost 4 watts of power (using the dummy
load measurement and chart) I would expect a higher reading. Adjusting
the Fwd resistor seems to only have an effect on getting either Po.0 or
Po.1, and will on occasion seem to deactivate the ATU or put it into
error mode (---). When I was using the ATU to tune a Buddistick, it
appeared to work, but didn't give me a SWR reading (no 'r' display) and
on one occasion while scrolling through the menu I had the dreaded ---).

Now, before I throw in the towel, and order a replacement ATU, is there
an activity, resource, or exercise (say, tuning a known length random
wire) that I could use to determine if the ATU is working correctly? I
feel my inexperience is interfering with my understanding and confidence
in the ATU.

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