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Schindele, William
I thought I'd mention what concluded my quest for an operational KXAT1.
Threads that end before a conclusion are annoying and if you post first,
you should post last.

As it turned out I was left to my own devices, which were few. I went to
the shotgun approach and ordered new diodes, ICs for the tuner and
radio, and on a hunch new FWD and REV pots. (Note: I did suspect the
pots in that they were not original as I had melted a corner of one and
damaged it cosmetically. Locally sourced, they were rated equally and I
confirmed with the tech support at Elecraft that this was acceptable.)

Ordering individual parts from Elecraft as opposed to just stating over
with a new kit was expensive, but I wasn't going to give up on the
tuner; there had to be a fix.

Well, the new pots did the trick and the tuner works as designed; null
set was textbook and the power reading spot on.

Lesson learned is that there are apparently very high standards in the
components that Elecraft amasses for these kits and finding something
off the shelf that is superior, or will even work as well, may be
unlikely. Two weeks of pulling my hair out, a pound of solder redoing
things over and over, $90 in parts (though all I needed was $3.00
really) and I'm on the air with a tuned dipole.

Satisfaction in fixing it myself: Priceless!

Happy ending.
Bill Schindele

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