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KXpd3 paddles

I am not sure if this is a fair comment on the paddles or just my
particular circumstance. I like the Kx3 paddles; I can adjust them with
close enough spacing and they are smooth but when it comes to  the
positioning. I find that the paddles are to close to the desk and this is
exacerbated when I am using a wrist brace, which I do about 30 % of the
time. As near as I can figure it out; looking at my other keys, I need 1/2
of an inch clearance above the desk to match my natural finger positioning.
I have found that if I use a small 1/3 inch 'artists eraser' under the
front of the rig I can send much better. Peter pointer isn't dragging on
the desk and there is room for uneven surfaces.

Comments welcome.

Bill, VA3OL
Oro-Medonte, Ontario
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Re: KXpd3 paddles

Steve KC8QVO
I have noticed the same thing. That is part of the design, though, being on the front of the rig. Raising the rig up is probably your best option. If you raise up the whole rig you will maintain the operating angle.